As a boutique practice dedicated to serving our clients’ needs, we have been involved in a number of sizable aviation financing transactions, some involving the participation of the export-import banks of the countries where the aircraft were manufactured. 

Our team also has experience in advising on establishing structures for the raising of finance by the sale and leaseback of aircraft, typically through Malaysia’s financial centre in Labuan.

We regularly advise on the Malaysian law aspects of the sale and purchase of aircraft and the due conveyance and registration thereof on the local civil aviation register and are capable of attending to registration matters such as the change of ownership of aircraft, mortgages on aircraft, and the irrevocable deregistration and export request authorisation with the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation.

In addition, we are also regularly engaged by various international law firms to provide advice on general Malaysian aviation related matters and specific advice on the delivery and conveyance of aircraft engines and the availability of aviation spare parts.

Principal Contact:

Ng Yoke Mui